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The Waste to Energy industry is currently a European wide market, with some waste derived fuels travelling further afield. Demands and pressures from abroad will also have an effect of the markets, and we believe exports will have a place in the market for the next 15 years and onwards.

With the location of the PMAC Energy facility being on land at Redcar Bulk Terminal (RBT), access to a deep water terminal is a great benefit. With the dock operational 24/7, the exports of RDF and other waste derived fuels will be very cost effective. PMAC Energy will also be able to handle third party RDF exports adding to further revenue income as PMAC Energy have an exclusive deal with RBT for handling non-hazardous waste.

Using the RBT on-site dock (watch the video here), PMAC Energy can provide our customers with a high degree of flexibility and capacity, along with efficient and environmentally mindful logistical routes. All TFS requirements for waste exports over boundaries including bonds will be done in house and in compliance with all regulations and the Basel legislation.

PMAC has a long line of experience in shipping waste derived fuels, and currently does all its own ship brokering, chartering and agency, as well as all logistics to offer a door to door service if required.

All of our ship owners and hauliers undertake a strict compliance audit and all operators are fully permitted.

If you require help with any aspect of logistics handling, in various markets throughout Europe and the rest of the world, send an email to our export team – export@pmacenergy.co.uk.