Our Product is Energy, Our Strength is Innovation...

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Our Product is Energy, Our Strength is Innovation.

PMAC Energy is looking for investment for the secured site located on the banks of the River Tees. All types of investment will be considered. The returns on investment will be very competitive.  For full details regarding investment and commercial opportunities please
contact us.

Once planning and permitting have been secured combined with our 28-year lease, we will then be in a position to raise the full Capex required for this combined heat and power facility.

Four Reasons to Invest:

Market Demand
Future Legislation

PMAC Energy are focused on long-term innovation and technology to realise our leading market position. Our technology is tried, tested, and unlike other Waste to Energy processes such as Gasification, will comply with future legislation. It also, importantly, is not dependent on government subsidies.

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Generated Profits

Market Demand

The amount of waste generated by the UK has continued to rise steadily over the last decade.
Every year millions of tonnes of waste are sent to landfill in the United Kingdom. With no new landfill sites planned and the maximum capacity of existing sites soon to be reached in a matter of years, there is a serious problem.

Soon there will be no other option other than to process waste at a Waste to Energy plant or to export it to other countries.

PMAC Energy offers a solution to the sum of 6 million tonnes that are predicted to require processing by 2025. The site location offers us the option to increase our intake and offer a quality export RDF for the European market as well as using the fuel in our own CHP Plant.

Site Visuals

Future Legislation

Collectively, the goal of governments across the globe is to reduce the impact of humanity on the environment, as per the Paris Agreement. Major powers around the world are constantly looking for a variety of ways to improve future outlook in regard to the environment.

Much of the research conducted so far by countries involved in the Paris Agreement, including the United Kingdom, has involved both waste, recycling and sustainable energy production.

Following the trends set by other forward-thinking Paris Agreement member countries (in Scandinavia particularly) the UK government is looking to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging and household products. This will have a huge impact on the waste management, recycling and more importantly the Waste to Energy industries.

The resulting emissions from the process of burning waste could negate the theoretical effects produced by more complicated processes, making the option an increasingly attractive prospect.


The proposed PMAC Energy plant on the banks of the River Tees is the ideal location for two main reasons. Firstly, the PMAC Energy plant will have a logistical advantage over many plants of its type because of the railhead which is located on-site, making the transport of waste from locations around the United Kingdom a simple process.

The site also boasts its own dock, which, is an addition that makes the export of surplus waste to countries such as Finland, Belgium, Holland and Germany (to name a few) an extremely viable revenue stream.